IMAGINE A sunny day in the countryside, infused with the reassuring aroma of citrus peel. The scent of the fruits is dispersed and remains suspended between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness, just like some of life’s moments.
BREATHE Bitterness. An opening with a severe, intense, sombre citrus note that does not fade away. Sharpness. Bergamot emerges slowly but surely with its vivacious, somewhat acidic freshness. Candy. The elegance of the sandalwood in the background gently comes to the fore, to harmonise the citrus fruits without overpowering them.
FEEL As deep as life itself / Yin and Yang / The richness of contrasts.The bracing rush of grapefruit, the calmness of bitter orange and bergamot, the harmony of sandalwood.


IMAGINE The sun rises above the sea: footsteps land softly on the shore, absorbing the pungent energy of iodine and the damp smell of driftwood smoothed by the rocking of the waves. The vigour of a dawn walk along the water’s edge.
BREATHE Foam. A frothy opening featuring a sheer, salty marine accord. Sand. A hint of green sap, as light as a memory, precedes the profoundly mineral musk note.
FEEL The sea in winter.The exuberance of the sea, the vitality of sap, the depth of musk.


The Apulian countryside in all of its fertile abundance, with pomegranate trees and prickly pears laden with fruits peeking above the drystone walls. Wandering into the Mediterranean scrub overlooking the sea; picking fruit, getting your hands dirty, tasting its woody essence.
Fruit. The top notes are fresh and scented with ripe fruit: bitter orange and lemon, added to which is an intriguingly piquant note of ginger. The Mediterranean scrub. The citrusy, slightly bitter floral touch of neroli carries us towards an unforgettable woody finish: from the penetrating note of mastic to the supreme elegance of cedar.
Summer on your skin.
The vitality of lemon, the energy of ginger, the regenerating power of neroli, the resonance of cedar.


Walking through a cotton field, hands open, caressing the fluffy bolls. Touching the lightness of fine silk weaves and natural linens on Lake Como; closing your eyes and breathing in their cool, reassuring texture. Feeling at home, always.
Lightness. Blackcurrant leaves, cotton flowers and bergamot provide a light caress in the delicate opening. Sheerness. Jasmine blossoms stride in before being immediately tempered by a sheer, enveloping musk.
Indefinable serenity.
The purity of blackcurrant leaves, the cleanliness of cotton flowers, the calm of bergamot, the confidence of jasmine, the instinctive sensation of musk.


Soaking in the meditative warmth of a bath tub filled with Japanese green tea. Vapours rise hypnotically off the water, delicately diffusing and filling the room with the aroma of tea leaves.
Energy. The invigorating notes of an elegant bergamot are released first, immediately followed by Sencha tea leaves with their subtle floral aroma. Peace. The floral-citrus accord persists, with the vanilla-tinged guaiac appearing in the finish.
The delicate energy of tea.
The positivity of bergamot, the purifying power of tea, the creativity of guaiac.