Reed Refill

Reed Refill

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Vehicle for the gradual and constant diffusion of perfume in the environment. Natural rattan sticks are made from the pith of the rattan plant.   

  • Dimension
  • H43cm

Turn the rattan sticks. The frequency with which the rattan sticks are turned determines the intensity of the fragrance, the more often they are turned upside down, the stronger it will be. To modulate the effect, only some of them can be rotated.

The duration of the fragrance. The room size being too large, high temperature, direct sunlight, exposure to air currents are factors that can accelerate evaporation and therefore reduce the duration of the fragrance. Place the diffuser away from light, heat sources and currents and consider a diffuser of an appropriate size for the surface of the room.

Tips for an endless fragrance. To make the fragrance last longer it is useful to keep the liquid in the bottle always at the level of the curvature, as to reduce the evaporation surface. It will be sufficient to buy a refill of the same fragrance to be poured frequently into the diffuser bottle.

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